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Our First Year – A Review

There were some folks who doubted my ability to homeschool my children. In fact, last summer when Sean and I made the decision to keep Iain home from school this year, a person whom I really respect and admire called me and said, (without a hello)”what the hell are you thinking?! You really believe you’re […]

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Stephanie - June 5, 2007 - 11:10 pm

Ha! “family and friends never question whether you are qualified to raise children”… although it certainly is not a laughing matter, it made me laugh.
It seems to say that first you have the right to raise them anyhow you see fit, and also that you only have to raise them “part time”, as there is school, and babysitters, and daycare, etc, so your chances to ruin them are limited.
Precisely the sorts of things we’re trying to overcome, hmmm? (like that there are no consequences for raising your children with domination, and demands that are contrary to their soul’s quest.)
I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of this post.

whimsigal - June 6, 2007 - 12:16 am

I’m glad you got a chuckle out of that! The hypocrisy of some people just galls me, even more so when it’s people who are close to you. They take your choices in parenting so personally because they see it as a condemnation of their own technique.

The friend who questioned my decision went on to ask, “What would happen if everyone decided to homeschool their kids?!”

Oh, the horror! A world of happily living and learning kids. What a tragedy that would be.



A Book Review and Lessons Learned

This holiday weekend was spent hanging out with family, catching up on housework, and reading A.S. Neill’s book, Freedom – Not License. It was interesting to read a book, written over 40 years ago on a topic that even by today’s standards seems avant garde. I cannot imagine what the reaction was when this book […]

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