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Back after a brief rest

First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by my little pity party last week and left encouraging words here for me. I was feeling really down but feel recharged and ready to face the world again. I had no idea that my post would cause that kind of reaction but I feel so lucky […]

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Rinnyboo - October 22, 2007 - 10:49 pm

Awww shucks…I’m blushing over here!

Thanks for all the sweet stuff you said. I am wracking my brain though trying to remember when I was gentle with Ian.

Thanks for the compliments. You made my week!

Your guys are so sweet to play with Ian. I know there was a bit of an issue over Mario but I thought Ryan and Iain were so accommodating and really worked to find a solution to make everyone happy.

And, yes! I LOVED my wedding. It was the best wedding I could have possibly had. Ever. Also, I forgot to tell you this part but when we got home someone told us that the town we got married in, Bonnyrigg, has the most UFO sightings in the UK. I thought that was really cool…

Stephanie - October 23, 2007 - 1:12 am

{gasp} Someone kicked you?!?
(And then, conspiratorily)Who was it? Want me to beat her up?

Well, in her defense, maybe she wasn’t trying to KICK so much as admit her own faults, and to express a sense of empathy and “no one does it just right”.

‘ Course, I wouldn’t know…

klasieprof - October 24, 2007 - 11:12 am

Former 4 year Homeschoolin mom here, mom to 13, 11, and now 7 year old.

I too, have reached the point of being UNCOOL, and realizing that “compassion” has to become my mainstay of mommying. It is so easy to Yell, shout, and generally be a ‘bully’ mom. That is NOT what I want. I want to speak gently…its just that …yah…that’s it…I make excuses, yelling is easier than taking the time to explain.

Here’s to being more loving and compassionate toward our urchins.

whimsigal - October 24, 2007 - 1:03 pm

You’re right, it is easier to give in to that rush of emotion and just yell and bully. I embarrassed that I still do it from time to time. It’s hard to be a mindful parent.

You’re also right that it’s time to quit making excuses and choose this moment as the one where we stop. Just stop, no matter how hard it is for us. How can we expect them not behave the same way if we, as adults can’t control ourselves, right?

Thanks for your comment!


Have you ever felt so lost, so overwhelmed by something that you didn’t know where to begin to make it better? Have you experienced a desperate sense of loneliness, not because you don’t have people around who love you but because you feel as though you don’t even know who you are anymore? If you […]

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carri - October 19, 2007 - 11:39 am

Oh Evie, it’s such a hard place to be in. I have been there so many times over the years. Parenting is hard work and can be so overwhelming.

I do have to tell you that I think you are being a little hard on yourself. You have inspired me so much since I have found your blogs.

Reading about your boys reminds me of my Caleb so much (and he is planning on letting me post about him soon, yay!)

Your writing about food has made me give food a second chance. To pamper myself by eating great soul nourishing food and making every effort to enjoy each and every bite.

I love visiting your sites and being reminded of my own life. I love living my life and being reminded of you and your family when I am in the kitchen or just trampling around.

Be well soon my dear new friend.


Mama Podkayne - October 19, 2007 - 1:17 pm

I love reading your site too. Why don’t you join me for NaNoWriMo? My decision to do it was much like your query in this post. The premise is not to write a great novel, but just to write. We all have a story in us and you are such a good writer!

whimsigal - October 19, 2007 - 1:57 pm


Maybe you’re right that I’m being too hard on myself although my intent was not to beat myself up in that post. Just wishing I had something of my own. Perhaps I’m looking for something that’s already there and I just can’t see it at this moment in time.

I’m really, really glad that you enjoy my blogs. They are something I’ve truly enjoyed doing, more so than I anticipated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and leave such a kind comment. I appreciated it very much, my friend!


whimsigal - October 19, 2007 - 2:06 pm


When I saw NaNoWriMo, I was like, “What the heck is that?!” and had to google it to find out what you were talking about! Having done so, I’m intrigued and thinking I just might do it! 50,000 words is a tall order for someone who has struggled in school to write a 2-page essay but it sounds like a great challenge and a lot of fun.

You really think I’m a good writer? I always feel like my posts leave something to be desired. Now, Stephanie has an amazing way with words, so pretty. I feel like I’m twirling in circles in a chiffon dress when I read one of her posts!

I think the November challenge sounds interesting though and I think I’m going to do it. Thank you so much for posting about it here. I never would have known about it otherwise.

Thanks for taking the time to post a comment period!! :)

Stephanie - October 19, 2007 - 2:37 pm

I’m thinking.
I’ll be back.
In the meantime, I’m sending warmest hugs.
I’ll also see if I can send some cleaning faeries to help. I would come over in a trice if I could.

Rinnyboo - October 19, 2007 - 4:00 pm

Oh Evie!

I think I know just how you feel.

I am so sorry that you feel lonely and lost. I know how it is to be overweight and unkempt.

I have truly always enjoyed reading your blog. The writing is good and funny and the pictures are gorgeous. Even this sentence from the comments is wonderful: “I feel like I’m twirling in circles in a chiffon dress when I read one of her posts!” Your blog is what my blog wants to be when it grows up.

I also really love your food pictures. You have a talent for taking pictures. We can all see your talents here every day.

You have inspired me to eat better and less and to make my own little plate. Who knew that heavy cream would become my new friend?

Please know that you can talk to me if you ever want to about anything. You will see my pack-rattish, dirty home next week and that will probably make you feel better about your house.

I hope you feel better soon, friend.

Stephanie - October 19, 2007 - 5:03 pm

I’ll probably have to think about this a lot more, but here’s what I’ve got.
“Words that describe who I am in relation to someone else”. Oprah said something about that once that I never did come to understand. She asked everyone “Who am I?” without using words such as mother, wife, writer, actor, and I suppose you could add thinker, romantic, piano player, etc to that list. And if you do, then what the hell does the question even mean?
We are ALL statements of what we are and are not (ie in relation to something or someone else). The things we love, and think about, and admire, and pursue. There is no other way to BE (as far as I can see).

If the trouble you’re having is feeling like you are not properly equipped with shininess or passion or talent – I have always considered spelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious really quickly to be my talent. As well as rolling my tongue and whistling, sounding like a tugboat or the wind. My other is being able to say the alphabet backwards. THOSE are my talents. Sparkly, ain’t they?
There is much to be admired in those, to be sure!
I remember reading on someone’s (I thought it was zenmomma, but I looked up “creative”, and it wasn’t there) blog “If someone told me a year ago that I would consider myself a creative person I would have laughed” or something like it. I remember thinking at the time “I’m not creative, either.” No talents ( :) to speak of – as already proven) no musical instruments, not particularly smart, not brilliant with crafts or a sewing machine, can’t write too good :), on and on it goes!
Somehow I was able to change that perception, though. I think just by switching tracks from “I’m not” or “I can’t” to embracing things that I love or am interested in (such as managing to see magic in ordinary things or writing in my blogs) I’ve embraced bits and pieces of my creative self.

That leads me back to “not interested in anything”, or not interested in life as it may seem at the moment. By that I just mean that it seems you’re feeling passionless about something involving just YOU, Edie :) (so sorry about typoing your name last night! God! Can’t believe I didn’t catch it) I think that you are being too hard on yourself. It is SO easy to have an idea in your head, and just run with it. And guess what? If it’s a negative idea it grows and grows, just like a positive one does. (Such as finding unschooling to “work”) Whatever we focus on is what grows, and our thoughts and fears attach themselves to it, making it bigger and stronger, and then we’re able to say “See? I knew it!” for better OR worse.
Interests and talents don’t have to be something that you’ve invented, or something that makes you happy every minute of every day for the rest of your life. There is no such thing! Things have to wax and wane, it’s just the way it is. It is so true that if we live in constant bliss, pretty soon we’re not even sure if we’re happy, because it Just Is. We have nothing to compare it to.
And there are lots of us that don’t know what we want to be when we grow up.
Most of the time I don’t even think it matters!
Who says that you have to have one (or even two) interests that are so powerful that they’ll carry you through to the rest of your life? Really.
Aren’t moments enough? I’m not saying that you aren’t being properly grateful for your life, I’m saying that joy and passion come in moments and flashes. (Though I believe joy is more sustainable – but you have to recognize it!)
No one can tell you how best to live your life – and to satisfy your mind and heart, that’s for you to decide.
I’m only trying to urge you to change your focus from “I’ve never climbed Mt. Everest and put my flag at the top” to “how do I want to create my best life?”

Lastly – (and isn’t everyone releived) about the house and weight thing –
Houses just get away, sometimes. It just happens. I told you of my cobwebs, and if I were extremely generous I’d take a picture of my kitchen floor right this minute (though the rest of the house is in good shape) but I’m not feeling up for such exposure to strangers! – not you, of course)
It happens, love. And I know how it feels, believe me. The weight thing – whenever I see a picture of me or look in the mirror, I’m surprised. Really? I still feel 125 pounds. I just cannot connect the person that I am on the inside (and have always been) with the person that I see on the outside.
My point with that is- don’t necessarily see it as self loathing or uncaring. I haven’t any ideas how to fix it – obviously- but be kind to yourself about it, and treat yourself as you would a friend who is struggling.
Much loves to you, Honey, and please keep us posted.
Looking forward to hearing from you on the flipside.
You WILL be, you know.

Stephanie - October 19, 2007 - 5:05 pm

One other thing – I just had to reconnect (thank God I didn’t lose my comment! I’d have cried) and while I was reconnecting, my word of the day came up – it’s “lacuna” and it means “empty space”.
Isn’t that interesting?

KMDuff - October 19, 2007 - 5:31 pm

My attempt at wisdom:

Some mothers are mothers in title only, but being a mother is not about having born kids but having nurtured them. Same thing with being a wife, sister, etc. You may have those titles officially, but you can be truly good at that title by nurturing those relationships.

I believe relationships with people we love are the most important things in this world. Nurture those and you are a wonderful person.

Stephanie - October 19, 2007 - 5:54 pm

hope I didn’t overstep or assume things that I shouldn’t have in my (Almost Long :) ) comment.
I was just trying to help a friend over a hump.
(I’m worried, can you tell?)

whimsigal - October 19, 2007 - 7:21 pm


Thank you for your comment as well. We have so much in common that it doesn’t come as a surprise that you would empathize with me here too.

I’m certain we’ll talk more next week.



whimsigal - October 19, 2007 - 7:32 pm


i totally agree that relationships are important and certainly hope that my post didn’t imply that I feel otherwise. Without them life would be completely devoid of joy for me.

Also, I wasn’t really questioning my goodness as a person because I do feel like a good person. I think I was trying to say that I don’t feel whole.

You are right though that relationships are very important and need nurturing. Thanks for coming by and posting your comment.


One more thing from me, as I seem to have set off a firestorm with this post and I really didn’t mean to. Just to assure everyone, I’m ok, not going to hurt myself or anything like that. I am not, have never been, and will never be in that kind of place. I was just trying to vent because the emotion I was experiencing was very overwhelming and this blog has been a godsend for me in times like this. For anyone who has read this and is worried about my health and safety, please rest assured that in that regard, I’m in tip-top shape.

Thanks very much for your concern!

Much love,


Stephanie - October 19, 2007 - 7:37 pm

As to “not hurting yourself” – when I said I was worried, just so you know, I meant worried about offending you, not worried about You.
I almost sent Yet Another comment to say as much, but then thought “well, that’s rude!, I can’t hardly say “I’m not worried about YOU!” :) (cause I knew you were gonna be just fine.

So I didn’t, but now I feel much better ’cause I did.
Your crazy friend.

whimsigal - October 19, 2007 - 8:13 pm


Not hurting myself was in reference to a call I got from my sister-in-law who very sweetly called after reading the blog. She was worried, having gone through a rough time herself before, and she wanted to be sure I knew that it’s ok if I went to a professional for help. After talking with me she could tell I was doing all right but after reading the post she had to call me to be sure. It was very, very nice of her to call and check on me and I appreciated her concern but I wanted to be sure that everyone else knew I wasn’t in danger of harming myself!!

By the way, you really are my crazy friend!

soapchix - October 21, 2007 - 12:26 am

big hugs, Evie.

Sheri - October 21, 2007 - 2:38 pm

Big hugs Evie, funny enough we seem to be having a parallel moment. My thoughts are with you and you will get through. It’s just sometimes the path winds a bit more than we like… You’re in my thoughts. ((((Hugs)))))

whimsigal - October 21, 2007 - 3:33 pm

Soapchix and Sheri,

Thanks for the hugs! I feel much better today.


Linda - October 22, 2007 - 1:21 am

I’ve been moving through similar issues myself. Hugs to you.

whimsigal - October 22, 2007 - 2:02 am

Linda, right back at you then, friend. I’m sorry to hear you’re in a similar place although if we look as it as the road to discovery then perhaps it not such a bad thing!


piscesgrrl - October 23, 2007 - 1:40 am

I’m sorry you’ve been feeling blue. I’ve been in that same space many times. I’d see a friend be very adept at cooking, or pottery, or painting, or whatever, and feel ‘less’ because I didn’t have a ‘something’ that was my gift or passion or stand-out trait. Jack of all trades, master of none, so they say. And then a dear friend told me that IS indeed my gift – my ability to be a little bit of many things and relate to many different people, something others are not always able to do. And I felt a bit better.

On a more practical note, when you’re feeling in a good space, make a list of all the things you think you’d like to do/try and things you already know you like to do. Paint, bake, hike a trail, learn to sing, visit every museum in a 50 mile radius, whatever. Go crazy and list everything you can think of. Then get that list out when you’re feeling especially blue or ouchy and pick something. My kids and I have these lists, and by golly it works. Something on there always gets the ‘aha, I forgot about that’ going and we’re swept out of our funk.

Big, warm, long hugs to you!


whimsigal - October 23, 2007 - 2:02 am

Laura! You get me, you really get me! (insert sally field impression here)

Thank you for this comment because that is exactly how I see myself, as a Jack of all trades and to read how your friend related that to you made me feel much better about it.

Also, the list idea is a good one and I’m definitely going to sit down and do it.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Taking a few days off

I’ve been neglecting my home here lately and need to get things in order. It’s a little overwhelming really, the state I’ve let things fall into is quite yucky and in order to maintain some semblance of sanity I’ve got to do some cleaning. Don’t get freaked out if you don’t see any posts here […]

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Stephanie - October 19, 2007 - 1:18 am

Here’s my take on it… call it hopeful thinking!
You’ll be so exhausted from cleaning, that you’ll eventually want to sit down and rest and talk to a friend, instead of just a bit of dust or persistent cobwebs (did I mention my cobwebs? no? Well, they’re gone now, but once I finally noticed the first one I started looking up in every room and corner and went “oh my!”). So you’ll miss us, and want to say “phew!” maybe, and iffen you do, here I am, waiting for pics of dust or a glowing candle.
Have a nice time cleaning.
I know where you’re coming from, as you well know!