About Me

me_headshotIn 2007 I started this blog as a way to record our adventures in homeschooling.  Eventually, the blog became an amalgam of posts about our life in general.  We began as unschoolers and have recently swung back towards a more structured yet eclectic homeschool perspective.  In 2008 I hung out my shingle as a portrait photographer and was in business until 2012.  It was a lot of fun and even resulted in a couple of first place national awards for me but eventually I just wanted to focus more on spending time with the boys while I still could.  Photography is still an important part of my life and is one of several creative outlets for me, hence the tagline of this blog, “viewing life through a joyful lens”.

Our life is pretty simple these days and at any given time you’ll find me at home with my boys, tucked up with a cup of tea, perhaps watching an episode of Judge Judy, dreaming about what I might do with my life next.

I love: gingham, polka dots, and buffalo checks.  Hot dogs, fritos, and ice-cold Coke.  Romance novels, pop music, and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.  Game of Thrones, Judge Judy, Outlander, and Mad Men.  Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek.  I know, it’s the most random collection of things but that’s me in a nutshell!!


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