Beauty in Gray Days

rainy day

Seems like all we’ve been having here lately are gray, gloomy, rainy days and it might sound like I’m complaining but, I’m not.  My favorite kinds of days are ones like these when everything seems to slow down a little.  We stay inside, snuggled up under blankets reading books or watching our favorite shows.  Today our yard, which has been carpeted in brown, crinkly leaves, seemed to be moving.  When you looked closer, it was full of tiny brown-flecked birds scavenging for whatever bugs had crawled up to escape their water-logged homes.  They were so cute, running around, pecking at the wet ground oblivious to the rain that was gently falling from the sky.  They had friends, too.  Several pairs of cardinals were in the yard and I tried to grab a couple of pics but none of them came out well.  We used to have a cardinal who came to our yard every year and I know it was the same one because he had a very peculiar head, like a benedictine monk!  It would make me smile every time he would return.  Sadly he hasn’t been around the last couple of years and I wonder what happened to him.  Maybe the cardinals we see now are his offspring?

Anyway, as I sit typing this post we are supposed to be getting a real downpour and I cannot wait.  When it rolls in I’m going to fix myself a hot cup of tea and settle in on the sofa and do some needlepoint or some crocheting.  I got a pattern from one of my fave people, Nicole at Follow the White Bunny (I actually have several but have finally chosen one to work on!) and am planning to gift it to my husband this year for our anniversary.  I think he will like it a lot.  Another thing I’m working on is an afghan pattern that I bought at Posie Gets Cozy.  I actually did start it a couple of days ago but my novice crochet status is holding me back a little bit.  The first part of the instructions have been difficult for me to follow but I’m not giving up just yet.

I hope you enjoying your world today and seeing the beauty around you, whether the sun is brightly shining or rain is falling.  :) I know I am!


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