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Our Life in Pictures

What we’ve been doing: Playing with your food can be fun! Ryan made this “Cracker Man” this morning. Here are photos from my fun and tacky Christmas. We couldn’t fit a regular size tree in our family room so we used a four ft fake tree in here. Ryan and Lily (the puppy) keep messing […]

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carri - December 11, 2007 - 12:26 pm

Evie, your home is beautiful. I’m in awe of your decorations.

Catelynn made cracker men yesterday too! Playing with food is great fun.

whimsigal - December 11, 2007 - 12:41 pm

Aw heck. Thanks Carri!

Wow, that’s kind of weird that Catelynn made a cracker man, too! We made our gingerbread houses last night and that was fun as well. Who knew that playing with food could provide such entertainment?

Sheri - December 11, 2007 - 2:36 pm

Your home looks lovely. Holiday crackers always bring back fond memories for me of England. I had never heard of them until we lived there. :) Where on earth did you find them?

piscesgrrl - December 22, 2007 - 10:14 pm

Wow, your home is lovely!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I love this time of year…I get to play with my favorite toys! Ryan loves my toys, too. Before unschooling, I never would have let him play with these. Now I enjoy seeing him delight in playing with them, too. This picture perfectly describes my situation at home. Sometimes, I’m Hermey…sometimes I’m the Bumble… :)

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Rinnyboo - November 27, 2007 - 2:52 am

I love your pics! Buck had to school me on who was Bumble and who was Hermey though….shows my age I guess;)

whimsigal - November 27, 2007 - 2:56 am

Marin! I can’t believe you didn’t know that! girl, you’d better tune into to CBS and watch the Rudolph special this year!

Shows your age…HA! you’re funny…vewy, vewy funny….

Alison - November 27, 2007 - 4:20 am

I love your toys!! I have never seen them before…where did you get them? Those are my favorite Christmas shows…

whimsigal - November 27, 2007 - 5:05 am

Alison, they’re my favorite shows, too! Most of them were purchased at Target about 5 years ago, but you can find them on ebay. I don’t know of any stores carrying them which makes me sad because there were so many that I wasn’t able to afford to buy at the time!

Check out ebay, looking up Rudolph and Friends. The name of the company that made them is Praying Mantis I think.

Good luck! Come back and let me know if you get any!

whimsigal - November 27, 2007 - 5:11 am

make that Playing Mantis and Memory Lane

Madeline - November 27, 2007 - 1:18 pm

These are fantastic! We unintentionally ended up with a santa collection (gift from a friend, one that was my mom’s..) kept giving me santas. I would so prefer these guys! Have fun playing.

whimsigal - November 27, 2007 - 2:35 pm

Ooooh! I love Santas, too! We have one that my MIL gave us and he kind of looks evil, but I like him anyway. Rudolph, Santas, and Gingerbread people are my favorite holiday decorations.

If there were a way to make my house look like a Gingerbread House, I would SO do it!

Stephanie - November 27, 2007 - 6:15 pm

Mmmm, Bumble’s disposition when he had his wretched toothache – that would be me on some days!
But sometimes I’m Clarice, too.
Still waiting for the pics to load….

Sheri - November 28, 2007 - 1:53 am

I love Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! I have such fond childhood (and lets face it) grown up memories watching it!

whimsigal - November 28, 2007 - 1:58 am

Steph, I can totally see you as Clarice! :)

Sheri, I still enjoy it so much, too. The Heatmiser is another one I love! Oh how I wish I had a Heatmiser toy!

piscesgrrl - November 30, 2007 - 8:56 pm

I don’t like decorations much around here, but I might make an exception for these! I LOVE those old kids’ specials. My sister and I still make the little licking sound like YUUU-Kon Cornelius and then say, “Nuthin.” :)

Virginia Bound

Tomorrow we’re heading up to Charlottesville, VA with Sean. He’s got to go up for business and we’re just going along to keep him company. I’m taking my camera and my computer so hopefully I’ll have something interesting to post while we’re there! Other things going on here…Marin loaned me Sandra Dodd’s book, Moving A […]

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Stephanie - October 25, 2007 - 2:23 pm

How fun. All of it! (well, maybe not the getting hurt part.)
Have a great time in Virginia, too!

kalurah - October 25, 2007 - 5:49 pm

how old is Ryan? my six year old is in K and still struggles with reading. she has improved though!
Iain sounds like my four year old boy, he loves to draw and if he draws something “incorrectly” in his eyes, he rips the paper and walks off. I just hope this attitude doesn’t carry into the school days when homework comes into play.
Oh. I know something you can post about while you’re away.
I just tagged you! and mine was quite lengthy, so HOLD ON!

Silvia - October 26, 2007 - 2:17 am

Hey–we’re really, really close to Charlottesville! Found your blog through Laura’s, btw. Did you come for a day trip or are you still here?

whimsigal - October 27, 2007 - 12:23 am


Ryan is 5 and Iain is 8. Iain still struggles with reading too but is really coming into his own. One of the beauties of homeschooling is that we don’t have to keep us with the joneses so to speak. When Iain was in school there was so much pressure and he hated it. When we brought him home, he came to reading naturally…when he was ready for it…with no pressure from us.

Ryan just does it. Don’t know how because I haven’t purposely sat down to teach it to him, he just does it.

Iain and your son do seem to have a need for perfection in common. He gets so frustrated when he doesn’t do something right straight out of the gate. It’s hard but I just let him get upset and later he will usually try again with results that he’s happier with, too.

Rinnyboo - October 28, 2007 - 2:06 am

I’m glad you like the book!

It is fun to read like you said. I like the layout since it is all essays so you can read one at a sitting or read the whole thing. Since she has included stuff from the 90s to 2005 you can see how she has changed over the years.

whimsigal - October 28, 2007 - 4:22 am

Marin, I think that’s my favorite thing, seeing her thought process over time. It makes me feel better about any stumbles I’ve made along the way.

She really seems like a cool person.