Finding Joy

It’s very easy in this world we’re in of technologic interconnectedness to compare our lives to others and think they are living a better, happier life than we are.  Most of time, things that are posted on Facebook are the best events happening in that person’s life.  Occasionally you have a friend who posts negativity non-stop but most people want you to think that everything is just hunky-dory.  For a while I found myself getting sucked into that and feeling like my life was so blah when compared to that of my “friends” and I had to take a FB timeout.  It was then that I promised myself not to fall into that trap again and instead I would go on a daily search for the Joy in my life.  Since I have a passion (maybe a little talent?) for photography it seemed appropriate to capture the Joy in images.  It’s a visual reminder of the awesomeness I encounter every day, even in the most mundane moments.  It has really helped me see that my life is charmed and that my family makes me feel blessed.  Here is a little peek for you, too.

The boys ordered some goodies for themselves using their Game Stop PowerUp points and they were SO excited when they arrived.  A Zelda beltbuckle, an Assassin’s Creed armband, and a Rainbow Dash armband.

A whimsical life -Zelda belt buckle A Whimsical Life - Assasins Creed bracelet


One of my favorite things about the summer is the availability of fresh fruit.  There is something so cheerful about a brightly composed Mango Salsa or Fruit Salad.  My kitchen smells amazing when I’m putting it all together and my taste buds sing with gratitude when I eat it.

A Whimsical Life - Mango Salsa A Whimsical Life - Fruit Salsa

Ohhhh, look at that.  A chocolate croissant.  Nobody’s going to lose weight eating that every day but once in a while a croissant is a beautiful thing.

A Whimsical Life - Chocolate Croissant

These people make me smile.  A lot.  I cannot imagine my life without them.

A Whimsical Life - A Tweenager A Whimsical Life - outtakes A Whimsical Life - Brothers A Whimsical Life - The squid A Whimsical Life - My Heart and Soul A Whimsical Life - Runny Nose


These are just a few of the things that I found Joy in and there will certainly be more day after day.  Even now, Iain and I are spending the afternoon watching a Castle marathon.  It’s our new favorite show.  We absolutely love the acting and the writing.  Iain is totally into sarcasm so Nathan Fillion’s character is his fave.  I love Mr. Fillion also, for totally different reasons.  LOL!  It’s great though to be able to sit with both boys and enjoy a show like this together.  We laugh so much when we’re watching it!  Another show we love to watch is Doctor Who.  Last year we got totally sucked into it and now are Whovians through and through.  My Doctor is #10 but I did grow to appreciate #11.  Just in time for him to decide it was time for him to move on, too.  We are anxiously awaiting the 50th anniversary special in November to see how everything shakes out.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today.  I hope you look around you and find the Joy in your life, too.  It’s always there.  All you have to do is look.  <3

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